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Hot photos of famous eboby shemales pornstars with nice Afro American big shecock. PS: find it harder to search around internet as this album does not come with proper album id Should've taken less time than typing the request. If not, because you absolutely can't convert, it's on vk. In this case, the offer involving sending the rips of the remaining D'va albums for free also applies in addition to the money.

If someone owns this album and is interested in this deal, please DM me. It's public. Keep the request channel for requests, if you can't find the invite on your own DM me. Been a little curious for lyrics. Thanks a lot! There is digital stuff in dizzylab. I literally cannot find a dl for the life of me.

There was a request for this album but I don't see anyone posting it. I may get some luck in here despite probably the same people have joined the different servers They are not available for official DL i. If you like to get their songs, buying the album in diverse direct is the best way. Or wait. I really just want it for the Hiroshi Okubo tracks.

They were taken down once the submission period for the compilation ended and were not archived anywhere I can find. I don't remember seeing it in the "Challenger Wanted" section. Request [M] Juggernaut. I'd like better myself if it exists. If no one has it I'll buy the digital next week. Out of curiosity, do you guys normally upload primarily in FLAC?

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If one can use computer, it had better buy ODD. Some ODD supports smart phone. If one doesnt like it, he had better consider immigration earnestly. The link is unavailable, but it's predecessor s is still available. Any help would be much obliged. Not a request, just preparing for M3 Spring Oh, I see, you're right. It contains 54 tracks, but their order is unknown. I own the album but somehow misplaced disc 2 and was freaking out from not being able to find any links for it.

Can someone please upload it again? Google doesn't help much, there's only one video of the full album on Youtube. Hello, does anyone have the last EP from Annabel? I tried registering but it's just way too complicated for me.

I can't tell what the form is asking me and I think it is preventing people with non chinese emails from registering. It was released C I'm currently looking for old Phonotaxis albums that, to my knowledge haven't been posted publicly. But one who wants self-rips should get them by himself. Maybe russian leakers already got them.

Just to ask Are those albums which have to Maribel and Renko as guitarrists. It used to be free en BC but it isn't, and booth just doesn't work on my internet for some reason. I think this release was a download code rather than a CD. I can't find it anywhere on the Net, to buy or download. That sucks. Thank you so much! If anyone here can download over chinese internet, some folks over in china already published a FLAC rip. I really like this album however it is still not available on offsite sale, it would be really appreciate for onsite people to share this album.

Only is available on DS..

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The previous link is already expired. I'd buy this myself, but I'm currently saving up for something else, so if someone else could upload this, that'd be great. Thank you! However, Bandamp did not include 'Break Stasis Extended'. I've tried secrch any sites to listen Break stasis, but I can't found it.

I'm sorry to keep bothering, but I want listen break stasis extended so much Can someone re-upload the album thanks? Letting me know any way to purchase it would also be greatly appreciated. I own the album, just want to translate it! I dont want to download bad rips from youtube. Thanks in advance. Literally saying "I probably have 3x more physical CDs than you but okay" and expecting politeness back :think It's not in bandcamp or something like that either is it?

Uminekononakukoroni Collection of character image songs.


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A pity, since it only costs Y. Will buy from bandcamp. He probably thought you requested it. Or you reacted to it like you wanted it when they requested it. I doubt this request will be fulfilled. If I could listen to just one of their albums I would be very happy. I will list some others here as well:.

I wish they would put it to sell in Bandcamp. I would buy it if it were for sale anywhere. Appreciate it! A rip of the CD is all I'm looking for. Minimum MP3 k if possible. Any of his other solo albums will be appreciated! I can't seem to find a download for either of them anywhere. If you have a copy, could you please upload it? Thank you!!! Any format is fine! Scans not necessary. I wish this were on bandcamp. For this kind of music?

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Yes please. Scans aren't mandatory but would be nice. Broken tags aren't a problem, I can fix them, what I'm after is the music. Anyone have the following Magical Trick Society albums or know where I might find 'em? I think I heard of a Sealed cloud route remix by some artist that goes by twinkle twinkle or something..

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I don't think whipper has any support for freedb or custom freedb servers , which would kill my ripping workflow since I use freedb gracenote proxy for getting tags miles ahead of any other database for doujin tags. Either Touhou or Audio-4u has them. Can't find it anywhere would even buy it but it's only available as physical copy. I repost this request because it's been a long time Hi everyone! Request: [M] Endorfin.

That would be super awesome. I lost my hard drive and all the stuffz in it :. The basic rule of thumb is that if its released under a commercial label then it doesn't belong in this discord. I'm looking for an album by an artist called Harito. He released an album recently called Nilca Note but I can't find a copy online anywhere. If anyone has a copy could they upload it here please? Hopefully it's fine to leave this still. Would anyone happen to have Crow'sClaw's self titled album from in anything higher than ? All I can find is dead torrents. The recent post in has interested me in their music.

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I'm still looking for the save file with everything unlocked, for the game Magical Battle Arena: Complete Form 1. I remember finding this on one of the spreadsheets but I cant seem to remember how to find it again. Can I ask for reupload? The link on their website is broken and I'm unsure where to find them Scans optional. I'll take that, too. T Vol. Does anyone happen to have this?

Artist: sevencolors, Kirin.