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Libra will see you as the hero that you are, and this is bound to make you feel great about yourself. Libra is also capable of giving you a lot of attention and devotion -- and the sheer idea that you have to work for it will make you want to do lustfully nasty things with your Libra over and over again. You are as different as night and day. There is no question that, when the two of you have your way with one another in bed or any other surface that happens to be handy, sparks will fly. The sex between you will feel like a passion-filled wrestling match, where the struggle for domination is as appealing as the sensation of erotic pleasure.

Scorpio is in search of excellence, and will know that it has been found by being in bed with you Scorpio will listen to every word that you say, silently keeping score and weighing your comments against expectations that are, most likely, unreasonably high. Rather than stroking you and telling you how great you are, Scorpio might nitpick at your lifestyle and try to transform you into a whole different person.

The happy-go-lucky, in-your-face energy of the average Sagittarius is easy for you to relate to. If there are any "what you see is what you get" individuals in the universe, this one is it! Your adventurous, ready-for-anything nature will appeal to this invigorating person. In bed, you will share a fire that might seem like it can never be snuffed out. Also, it will never be possible to keep this one pinned down. You might like to have your Sagittarius around all the time, but if you want to keep their interest, you have to let these eternal wanderers go off on their quests from time to time.

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You can learn a lot about yourself -- and the world -- from this person. Not all Capricorn people are kinky by nature, but many of them are! This hot number only asks one thing of you: be discreet. Capricorn is in a unique position to teach you a few things, too -- and the most important one is how to make something of yourself. Capricorn will respect you for being who you are, as long as you try to be the very best at it. Your karmic lesson is that someone who seems dull and fussy can be even kinkier than you are!

The bodily organs that will be the most useful in seducing Aquarius will be your ears. Aquarius people are in love with the big ideas that fill their heads, and any sign that you might actually be listening to them will be a real turn-on! Ruth Westheimer extol the virtues of sex. Aquarius will try anything at least once, so try not to act shocked when something is suggested that makes you think twice before you do it.

Aquarius is here to teach you that there are different ways of defining exactly what constitutes open-mindedness No matter your gender, to Pisces you are a knight in shining armor. Pisces will sacrifice almost anything for the sensation of feeling a connection with another human being.

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This gentle soul will admire your ability to be "right out there. Pisces will be happy to be devoured by you! You are kind and always helpful. But you are emotionally shy and retiring when it comes to expressing how you feel. One of your saving graces is that you enjoy being of service to others. Domestically, you are neat and clean in both your personal hygiene, and domestic environment. You are health-minded and pay attention to your diet and eating habits. You are a perfectionist who can be overly self critical of yourself or others.

You spend a great deal of time worrying. You have to be careful of your tendency to be over-concerned with details instead of paying attention to the big picture. You are intellectually curious on matters of a more practical nature and enjoy doing tasks around the house. You have a deep emotional need to be in a relationship in order to feel complete. However, your strong sensitivity to the attitudes and reactions of others causes you to be easily influenced by them. Crudeness of any kind, such as vulgar language, turn you off.

Any conflict that causes disharmony in your relationships is quite upsetting and can adversely affect how you physically feel. You are kind and courteous to others because your emotional well-being is contingent on the approval of the people you interact with.

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There is a warm, pleasing charm in your countenance and manner. Domestically you favor places of beauty where you can socialize and entertain your friends. You seek out intimate relationships where you can experience emotional intensity. Consciously or unconsciously you put those you love through many tests to prove their worthiness of you. Unconsciously, you feel a need for your partner to give up something that proves their love for you.

Once they do, you are loyal and protective in every way. However, your serious commitment to a relationship can lead to your becoming possessive, controlling or even jealous.

Aries and Aries Love Compatibility

If you are personally affronted or betrayed, you have a tendency to hold grudges or even seek revenge. In a positive way, you have the ability to be a transforming force in your intimate relationships as long as you don't try to re-make others. You are optimistic and have a very idealistic emotional nature. Something inside you is drawn to adventure, travel and even living in a foreign country or even having a relationship with someone from another culture.

But you need a great deal of personal freedom to explore and don't like getting stuck in any routine too long. Heavy responsibilities can feel very restricting for you, causing you to want to escape. You enjoy philosophizing, discussing social values, the spiritual realm and even religion. But you need to be careful, because you do have the potential to be arrogant and a bit of a proselytizer. There is a very responsible and dignified air about you. You are conservative and respect tradition.

But you have an emotionally reserved and cautious nature that can come off as being cold. Behind closed doors, feeling more secure, you're more likely to let go and let the "real you" come out. You are very serious and opportunistic, strongly identifying with material rather than spiritual values. One of your best qualities is that you're ambitious and will work hard to achieve status, position and financial security.

However, because you are driven toward seeking money and power, you may selfishly pursue your own interests. Fortunately, operating with honesty and integrity is important to you. You come off as detached, independent and a bit of a loner. However, you are emotionally intuitive and have a wonderful capacity to empathize with the needs of the world. Because friendship is one of your basic needs, you are friendly to all, in an impersonal way. Your home is an ideal place for group activities with your many friends. One of your biggest needs in a domestic relationship is the freedom to come and go without being restricted.

Aries Moon wants to get out and do things, while Taurus Moon prefers to be comfortable in their routines. If this relationship is to work out, one partner must become tolerant of the other's desires. This usually falls on Taurus Moon to tolerate Aries Moon's ambitious spirit. Both Aries Moon and Taurus Moon are very creative, and they may find solid common ground here.

If they used this as the basis of a business or something, Aries' leadership may help Taurus' reliability into a thriving atmosphere. Aries is great at starting projects, and Taurus can finish them up. On the other hand, there is much for Aries Moon and Taurus Moon to overcome. Aries wants to mix things up, Taurus wants to sit back and enjoy.

Aries wants action, Taurus wants tranquility. During arguments, Aries Moon will hit with direct emotional outbursts, while Taurus will slowly let the anger build and will be equally slow to let it go.

Aries & Aries: Love Compatibility

Taurus can also temper Aries Moon's outbursts and have a soothing effect on them. If they are both determined to make a go of this relationship, Aries Moon and Taurus Moon can learn to accept each other for what they are. Aries Moon and Gemini Moon make terrific companions. They have a relationship based on loyalty and friendship. They are very compatible in many ways. They both love a good adventure, and change is met enthusiastically by both partners. When things need to get finished, or when life becomes routine is when this pairing has problems.

They both desire excitement, and when it is not forthcoming, they can start getting in each other's way. Neither Aries nor Gemini likes emotional dependency and neediness. If one partner becomes clingy, the other may feel stifled. Aries Moon prefers direct communication and doesn't like to play games while Gemini Moon loves word games and is often not serious when they discuss feelings and other emotional issues. In this sense they can drive each other crazy. Aries Moon and Gemini Moon will need to work to come to an understanding they can both live with during trying times in their relationship.

They may find it worthwhile since they can easily be the best of pals the rest of the time they are together. Aries Moon and Cancer Moon must work diligently to make a relationship work between them. They have very little in common to work with. It is easy for Aries to run over Cancer's sensitive feelings without even realizing it. Everything Cancer Moon wants, Aries Moon doesn't.

While they may be strongly attracted to each other physically, it usually doesn't take long for this pairing to figure out that they see the world in two very different ways.

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Aries Moon tends to be more aggressive than Cancer can handle, though Cancer may learn to reflect those assertive energies back. Cancer Moon drives Aries crazy with their mood swings and emotional dependency. Cancer Moon needs to feel that they are needed, while Aries Moon is extremely independent. Cancer may end up feeling that Aries is selfish or uncaring, while Aries may feel that Cancer is too dependent and manipulative. Cancer is often indirect, hoping that Aries will be able to figure out what they mean, while the directness of Aries often wounds Cancer's sensitive soul.

The only way they can get along is they both need to learn to compromise greatly to keep their relationship going. The sensitivities of Cancer Moon and the directness of Aries Moon are so opposite that they hurt each other more often than not. They both just want completely different things out of life. Aries Moon and Leo Moon are very compatible.

They have a great deal of respect for each other, as they have a lot in common. Both of them are independent and believe in strength. They both want to be loved. While Aries Moon wants things now, Leo Moon wants things to last forever. Aries is happy being noticed, while Leo is happiest when they are the center of attention. They may keep these desires secret, and harbor ill will towards the partner that gets more attention than they do. These issues can cause some disagreement or competition, but if both partners are willing to work it out, they can be overcome without too much difficulty.

Both Aries Moon and Leo Moon will hide behind their own individual strength, wanting to repress any feelings of neediness, weakness or inadequacy. They are too proud to admit they may need help. Overall, these two signs can have a long and happy future together as long as they work out the little jealousy issues that may crop up from time to time.

They are both very supportive of each other and can help each grow in the direction they wish for. Aries Moon and Virgo Moon can make a relationship work, but it may take some effort on the part of both people. They get along fairly well most of the time until circumstances cause them to react.

This is what brings out their differences. Aries and Virgo both need to try to work in harmony. Passionate Aries likes to jump right into things and take chances. They are enthusiastic and loud. Stable Virgo, on the other hand, prefers to analyze the situation first and draw up a plan. They are sensitive and tend to worry. While Aries is bossy, Virgo is critical.