Aquarius horoscope february 25

You receive all the tools and the support necessary for the progress of your projects. It only remains to be enterprising and dynamic but it should not be a problem because you need to spend on useful activities.


You are profitable in everything you do with Mars in sextile and your partners are delighted with your collaboration. You are the right person to motivate the troops, no matter what area you are in at the moment.

Horoscope Today, February 25, 12222: Know the astrology prediction for your zodiac sign

Your entourage makes you want to go beyond to give an exemplary image of each of your actions. Let yourself be guided by your instinct which offers you beautiful surprises in the field of seduction.

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Love Your partner will confide in you more easily this week, which will allow you to better understand the reasons for some of his behaviors. Your need for truth takes a new breath and moves you away from emotional complications. Be careful though, to your franchise which can be misinterpreted and rob your partner.

This week may start quiet—but we're on the brink of something big!

Pure seduction, for the sole pleasure of pleasure, succeeds you. Work You will see great opportunities and you will find the thirst for entrepreneurship in your professional life this week. Some meetings and contacts will not be for anything. Your exchanges stimulate you and make you aware of your unexploited potential.

Between Tuesday and Friday, you will work enormously and you will bet on the long term, it is in two weeks that you will be able to begin the implementation. Money and Luck Circumstances call for your mobilization and you will have facilities to set you on the road, to express them fully, even more than usual, to achieve better financial stability. The impulses of Venus and Jupiter will promote your expansion.

Your employees and customers will ask you more about extremely favorable projects. Study and reflection will bring financial luck. Clarifying matters in their family stand for a great part of their existence and mission in life. The Sabian symbol for Pisces representatives born on February 25th of a leap year and a year preceding it:. The Sabian symbol for Pisces representatives born on February 25th of two years following a leap year:.

Although these two symbols speak of things that don't seem connected, the first one being of militant character and appearance, and the second of secluded spiritual value, they share the glow of the moment with one another. This is exactly what we must acknowledge when we approach a person born on February 25th, for their world is illuminated and shiny, it is a parade and a lighted path, and both will be taking them in only one direction — towards personal faith.

The main task in lives of those born on the 25th of February isn't to find their religion, but to find their sense of faith and trust. First off, they need to believe in their own personality and abilities, to learn to stay close to the outer world and other people, avoiding misunderstandings and treason. They will be disappointed and pushed from emotion to reasonable judgment and back, trying to be rational about their relationships while at the same time idealizing those who stand in front of them.

It is their mission to find balance between the intellectual world and the world of faith and devotion to higher causes, however they might perceive them. When it comes to love, there is a constant dilemma in the world of Pisces representatives born on February 25th.

Aquarius Horoscope today February 25 2015

On one hand, their need for love and idealism of closeness is always present as their guiding light, but on the other, their brain always kicks in to show the faults in those they choose to be with. Attraction has really nothing to do with this, and they could remain in an unsatisfied state for as long as they don't find their equal, and someone to talk back and jump into fiery conversations when necessary. In general, they need someone to talk to, and this separates them from other Pisces representatives who need someone to share silence with as a form of talking.

Although silence plays a big role in their bonds, it is still the openness of heart they wish to achieve through healthy dialogue.

February Zodiac Sign – Zodiac Signs

Their personality is divided into separate wholes that intertwine, and while one of them might be satisfied with one partner, the other will search for something else. This can lead to parallel bonds that are opposed to their moral values. Each person born on the 25th of February has a talent for communicating, information sharing and writing. They will be excellent reporters, journalists, writers, and public speakers, as well as those who stand behind leading figures pointing them in the right direction.

Once they find their faith in personal success, they become excellent motivational speakers too, with a potential to organize courses and education for those who need to build their self-esteem or work on their presentation.

Blue iolite is the right stone for a person born on February 25th, opening their mind for imagination they need to live a fulfilled, creative life. This crystal helps one see and imagine things that can be brought to reality, expands inner journeys, and helps a person express their feel and inner atmosphere in a way that supports the easiness in their path.

It calms the brain, allowing body to regenerate and refill with energy, releasing spasms carried within. When choosing a gift for someone born on this date, you need to keep in mind that practicality plays a much bigger part in their approach to life than it might seem as you observe their Piscean nature. They are dreamers with a need to be swept off their feet, but also value things that can be used in everyday life, especially their home.