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Siddhamsa(D24) Role of Jupiter. - Vedic Astrology (Jyotisha) -

Posted August 26, If the native studies upto Masters, then after 10years does another masters then after ten years gets a PhD, how will that reflect in D Posted August 27, Namaste, Mr. Further to the above ,if relevant kaaraka graha gets subha graha sambandha,subha graha dhirshti and posited in subha sthaanaa ;the captioned phalaaphalam gets further improved.

In addition to the above an intelligent Astrologer should know the harvest periods of good phalaaphlam during various graha dasa. In my opinion any other handy definition explanations may not be a permanent solutions to your quarry! But however hope to get the advices from other professionals in the list. With regards, D. Sathiyanarayana Gupta. Check out tonight's top picks on TV. Posted April 8, Look at D-9, D-3 and D as well, they are for all purposes relevant.

D for profession and success as well. My approach is to impose amsa signs of planets on Rasi, so take amsa sign and look which bhava it is from lagna and from moon in Rasi.


It works very good. Dasa: use Vimshottari and conditional dasa if one is applicable for you at first, in my experience moola dasa is very useful as well. Many people are very convinced about Narayana Dasa which is nothing else but Chara Dasa by Sanjay Rath , I am until now not so convinced.

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Make your own experiences with it! Vimshottari and conditional dasas are nakshatra-based Dasas. So do not miss to look to the nakshatra lord in Rasi Bhava, as well, it is a clue to understand nakshatra dasas. For final exams take that time most appropriate, antardasa and pratyantardasa of auspicious planet.

Do not make exam during dasa of planets in 6th, 8th and 12th, nor of dasa of 6th, 8th and 12th lord. This is valid for positions from lagna, moon and arudha lagna. Did not know that I was " spamming " this group Please respect learned persons like Rafalji, who is taking immense pains in helping one and all in this forum. Do you have any idea how much time it takes to to talk about one chart.

Please dont have private discussions in the group forum. Please keep the discussions very brief so that other members can get some information out of that. That is the aim of the group.

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Please dont walk too fast over a wide range of topics which makes it totally impossible for anyone to follow, except that it shows off your knowledge which the group is not quite interested in. I hope you will follow these guidelines and still actively participate in sharing your knowledge with one and all and make the group lively and engaging. Regards, Vijay. I am psychologist, making psychotherapy since nearly 12 years. Since 15 years I am studying Western Astrology, since 9 years I am making more and less private consultations, since 3 years I am studying Vedic Astrology.

I've made more than psychological consultations and exactly astrological consultations, since middle of more and more based on vedic astrology principles. Therefore it is not necessary to tell me " how much time it takes to to talk about one chart ". You talk a lot about respect, but I got two insults this day in this group. I cannot accept this. Who wants respect, has to respect the other. Speaking seriously about these complex matters takes room and space, it is from my point of view not possible to explain " briefly " these issues.

I've put many efforts in my explanations, you disrespect this, even saying, that other persons are not interested in my comments and replies. How can you say this? How do you know in what other people in this forum are interested? I can tell you, that I got a lot of confirmation to my private email. Moon In Capricorn. Moon In Gemini. Moon In Libra. Moon In Aquarius.

Moon In Cancer. Moon In Scorpio. Moon In Pisces.

Astrology Planets. Rahu Ketu. Hi Sam. Julie Colton on April 7, at am. Linette Sue on June 2, at am. The D10 is giving an insight on how will be your work life Reply. Any expert here?? AstroNerd on February 7, at pm. Its not working please fix it Reply. How can i read my chart Reply. Anonymous on December 28, at pm. Anonymous on November 23, at am. Sabine on September 30, at pm. Nice work and website Sam!

Study of Siddhamsa Chart D24

Works well and very detailed. Thanks alot! Katrina on August 29, at am. Melissa on July 30, at pm. Sam Geppi on March 22, at am. Aditya k on July 21, at am. Anonymous on September 1, at am. Avinaash Subramaniam on June 20, at pm.


I tried clicking on the link to get my chart but it did not work Reply. Koki on June 15, at am. Hi Sam, do you do chart readings? Samy on April 11, at am. Have you gone back to using sidereal zodiac? Sam Geppi on May 23, at pm. I have always used Sidereal Zodiac Reply. Rohit Pawar on July 6, at pm.

Chart never showed up, can you please provide me an assistance… Reply.