Sagittarius daily horoscope december 10

Hang in there, Sag!

Love and Compatibility for December 10 Zodiac

And, um, yes, that could happen starting Tuesday, when quixotic Venus makes her annual deep dive into Scorpio and your dreamy, internal twelfth house until November 1. Your left brain won't be operating at full strength for the next three weeks, and your defenses may be down, leaving you open to slick pitches and overheated romantic pursuers. If you so much as sniff a red flag, pay heed. That said, this is an ideal time for a spiritual or creative retreat, alone or with like-minded souls.

Your Daily Horoscope For December 10,

Well, guess what? Your mind and heart are very closely connected today, and new, worthier goals will crop up as you examine your life and your desires. Be sure to aim high as you choose a brand-new, true-blue direction for yourself.

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You deserve the best, you know. Today you're in a restless mood, because you know you have to keep moving forward at a steady, measured pace. You'd prefer to surge ahead, and make this thing you've dreamed up a sudden and spectacular reality -- but that's not how life works.

You're used to being disciplined about your work and pushing toward your goals, but now that careful approach gives way to the power of raw wisdom. Your instincts are humming and you're drawing on your vast experience to make decisions.

Your Career

Since when did you become so daring? Since you woke up today! Give this newfound energy free rein, but do balance it with some restraint.

Don't worry, you'll have a whole month to get this right. You've always been good at broadening your mind and taking a fair, honest look at points of view that differ from your own. Today you're in need of some perspective, because you're currently a bit unclear on where to take your work. So open yourself up to ideas and suggestions that you haven't yet considered -- including ones that make you uncomfortable.

You just might discover an unexpected pearl of wisdom. Impressions come fast and strong today, and they're rooted in sharp, grounded awareness which lends them even more truth. So stay alert to them! You'll tune in to something -- an idea, a feeling, a frequency -- that could end up taking you far in a relationship with a good friend or in your career. Write down any ideas, no matter how vague they might seem; you'll build on them later. Most of all, follow your instincts!

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    Gemini May June 21 Someone's getting on your nerves today, and you're tempted to let them know what you think of them. Happy birthday, Sagittarius! Your best thinking and communication skills return in the nick of time when Mercury joins your sign, and brilliant ideas and eloquence will charm your party guests. This weekend, reconnect with family and loved ones—the moon magic makes you feel you right at home. Mercury's inspiring rest, relaxation, and a bit of a social sabbatical. The moon gets you curious about new ideas this weekend, so follow your intuition!

    Birthday Horoscope December 10th

    Social support is all that matters, Aquarius, and Mercury's reconnecting you with your closest friends this week. The weekend's moon has you reprioritizing security and your financial literacy, so brush up on your budget and strategize new ways to gain wealth. No holiday break for you, Pisces! Mercury's giving you the energy to manifest your professional dreams, so take advantage by being detail-oriented and going above and beyond with tasks.

    Then, the weekend's all about you! The moon shines behind your constellation, so prioritize joy when deciding what to do. Type keyword s to search. Today's Top Stories. Katie Buckleitner.

    December 10 Birthday Astrology

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