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Dragon Birth Years: , , , , , , Element: Wood. The people born in the Year of the Dragon are the most flamboyant, stunning, and have a sparkling energy.

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The noble and proud appearance of the person born in the Year of the Dragon impresses and creates envy and admiration in equal measure. The Wood Dragon is clever, curious, generous, and logical. He tends to lose his energy trying to find a logical meaning to everything. He is more diplomatic and less egocentric than his peers, but he is one of the few Dragons capable of hiding the reality of his domineering ambition behind the thick shell of scales.

The Year of the Snake starts on January 29, and ends February 16, It takes over from the Year of the Wood Dragon that ends on January 29, Snake Birth Years: , , , , , , Lucky Colours: Green and Red. The Snake is the sixth and one of the most elusive signs of the Chinese Zodiac.

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The people born in the Year of the Snake are analytical, serious, and endowed with a deep mind. The Snake is confident in his intuition and is likely to be generous, but only if he is served first. The Wood Snake is endowed with sound judgement and great wisdom. He is also perspicacious, lucid, discreet, and persevering. He is fiercely independent and enjoys having a steady and solid relationship with friends. His companions in return willingly forgive his vanity, which is one of the few defects that he has.

The Wood Snake tends to blossom in calm environments that are sheltered from the noise of the world. He loves music, theatre, and art, but ensuring the security of his finances is always at the centre of his existence. The Wood Snake is gifted for speeches and is a born politician whose natural magnetism makes him attractive and sympathetic at first sight. The Year of the Horse starts on February 17, and ends on February 5, It takes over from the Year of the Wood Snake that ends on February 16, Horse Birth Years: , , , , , Element: Fire.

Lucky Colours: White and Red. The Horse is a native of the Chinese Zodiac and has a great sense of humour as well as a talent for self-mockery that he tends to lose with age. While the Horse is a very loyal friend, his constant need for new adventures and experiences can be a source of discomfort for his companions that may be more sedentary.

The Fire Horse is both charismatic and intelligent, but still find is hard to stay focussed when carrying out tasks he finds too repetitive and simple for his taste. He is overflowing with passion, enthusiastic, always charming, and sometimes even frivolous since he is gifted with an energetic flow of fire. The Year of the Goat starts on February 6, and ends on January 25, It takes over from the Year of the Fire Horse that ends on February 5, Goat Birth Years: , , , , , , Lucky Colours: White and Blue.

He is a friendly and charming person that never leaves anybody indifferent. He is able to retain his optimism and good humour only with the people he considers worthy of his esteem, but deep in his heart, he is often hesitant and anxious. The Fire Goat is not as timid as his peers.

His projects are as lavish as is his tendency to spend. The Fire Goat is also creative and dynamic, but he is also capable of unleashing uncontrollable anger if he feels criticised unfairly.

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The Year of the Monkey starts on 26 January, and ends on February 12, Professionals will have to be satisfied with their present status. If you are an advisor or a service provider, you will have a better year. However, you can expect a better period in comparison to the year Investments will give outstanding profits if done with the help of financial experts. A bit of serious research will also help. It will be wise to limit your expenses and invest the surplus money in savings. Health Horoscope for Tigers in the year indicates a problematic period in matters of health. Though the problems will not be serious, you should be prepared to face minor ailments.

Health can be improved with the right diet, good exercise, and sufficient relaxation. Health of senior members in the family will cause some concern. Months of May and August will be crucial.

January requires more watchfulness as things will not happen to your liking always. February will be problematic, be alert to face the challenges. March will be profitable with the help of friends. April is not promising for savings and investments. May should be dedicated to the bliss in the family. June is suitable for achievements through travel. July should be set apart for maintaining the health of all family members.

August will see problems in love partnerships, better stick to them. September will be full of openings to progress, make use of them.

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October will be highly promising for success in all areas. People, despite their faults, will allow you to pass the ramp and climb. Then, will arrive a moment in where you will be able to free you from many complications since you will have the means of your ambitions, and that, in every sense of the word.

You literally radiate energy this year. The impulses of the Sun, associated with those of Mars come to boost your metabolism; the momentum of creativity alone galvanizes your energy. Your actions generate positive consequences and this gives you the power to continue and gives you the energy you need at the right time. Many of you who suffer from physical ailments related to the digestive system and the nervous system will see their condition improve spontaneously. It is also the ideal time to heal more actively to put the odds on your side, and to settle the little problems that can worsen with time.

Winter will have a beneficial action on your nervousness, which will allow you to better focus on anything that upsets you without creating effects such as intestinal pain and neuralgia. It is essential to put aside the bad experiences of the previous year in order to face the new period with renewed illusions. In this way, it will be easier for new and passionate relationships to emerge. However, we will have to be prudent, knowing little by little the new person who comes into our lives to see if it suits us.

It will be after the month of May when emotionally the Tiger will be stronger and will find itself in the best moment to judge the relationships that arise in a very positive way.

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According to the Chinese Horoscope for Tiger, the natives will go through phases of anxiety and disappointment that will lead them through a bad period of emotional stability. It will then be necessary to make certain readjustments in the way of looking at life in order to get everything back to normal.

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Until the month of May the other party will carry the singing voice and the Tiger will adapt to it to keep the relationship at peace. Little by little, everything will stabilize and in the end, it will turn out to be a great year to have a child, either by your own or by adoption. There will come a time when at a professional level you will run out of ideas for your business or projects.