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Champagne Jell-o shots. Throw a funeral for your fake ID. Do something nostalgic like getting a slip and slide or going sledding. More From Thought Catalog. Get our newsletter every Friday! You're in! Follow Thought Catalog. This game usually results in lots of laughs, although it has been known to bring out the fierce competitor in some folks! As each guest arrives, present him or her with a lapel sticker or beaded necklace and a set of rules, which you can make as simple or as complex as you like.

The rules must be followed for the duration of the party or for a shorter amount of time that you specify. If you catch someone breaking a rule, you get to take his or her sticker or necklace. The person with the most stickers or necklaces at the end of the game wins a prize, such as a nice bottle of wine or liquor.

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Come up with your own rules and get ready to get silly! Customs such as having 21 drinks or shots are prevalent, and peer pressure can intensify on momentous occasions like this one. Here are some tips for having fun, but also having the safest 21 st birthday party you can. Before you begin drinking, have a nutritious meal. The presence of food in your stomach will keep alcohol from being absorbed as quickly and unpredictably as it does when your stomach is empty. Have a snack later in the evening if you can. One of the reasons hangovers are so miserable is that they result from extreme dehydration.

Pace yourself. Pay attention to the effect that alcohol is having on your body and mind. If no one wants to drive, carry cash so you can get a cab if you need to. Remember that no matter how inconvenient being stuck somewhere may seem, driving drunk is not the answer.

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Be safe rather than sorry. Call an ambulance if you have any doubts, as alcohol poisoning can cause permanent brain and organ damage and even death. From elegant to edgy, everyone has their own way of party planning and entertaining guests. Whether it is a birthday party or a dinner after theater party, the style creates a theme and menu with decorations dotting the exclamation point.

5 Ideas to make a 21st birthday celebration unforgettable

If you want to know what your party style is, take this party quiz to find out! Healthy Home. Sign up for our Healthy Living Newsletter! Thanks for signing up for our newsletter! You should see it in your inbox very soon. Please enter a valid email address Subscribe We respect your privacy. Rest easy. We rounded up the best of the best. Instead of your guests each bringing a huge dish, see if they would be willing to bring a slightly smaller dish along with some alcohol. When planning your 21st birthday celebration, the number of options out there might seem a bit overwhelming, but these are a great start!

No matter what you do on your big day, just remember to be smart and drink responsibly. Reference: hercampus. Shopping Cart. Go to a boozy brunch Bottomless plates and mimosas? Host a wine and cheese tasting When most people think of wine and cheese tastings, they picture a candlelit setup in a nice restaurant or a dinner party and lots of expensive wines and cheeses.

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Take the classy route If you and your friends are feeling all grown up and want to celebrate your 21st with class, go to a nice dinner at a local restaurant. Plan a Wonderful 21st Birthday Party Have a traditional birthday party would be a great idea for girls. Donate to charity Instead of your friends taking you out for drinks or dinner, ask them to donate the money they would have spent that night to a charity of your choice.

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