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In your solar chart the radical and philanthropic sign of Aquarius represents your ability to bring an entirely different quality to work, whether paid employment or domestic chores. Right now this indicates that you will find new ways to team up with like-minded people. You certainly appear to be living up to your reputation as someone with a rare appreciation of beauty and the finer things of life.

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This is a time for cultural pursuits and self-indulgence rather than graft. Nobody has such a sharp eye for the truth as you.

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You see, you know exactly how folk in authority are likely to behave. You also realise that it is very difficult for people to fulfil their promises. After a lot of near misses or false starts, you may finally be about to achieve a cherished goal.

The first requirement, though, is to sort out the continuing complications dogging your financial affairs. You Capricorns are not known for your emotional sensitivity, yet like all of us you have changed and come to appreciate that to be more open with your feelings leads to improvements all round.

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You may soon be experiencing sensations that you never knew existed! Everything hinges around your sense of timing; so watch, wait and make sure you pick the perfect moment.

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You may be feeling unsettled in your current surroundings. Loved ones are waiting for you to make a decisive move, but nobody is yet sure what is the correct step to take. At times, it seems like you understand how someone else is feeling before they know themselves! A natural romantic, you often spend time in the realm of love and beauty. Your elemental pair is water and in fact, you are the only zodiac sign to have an adaptable relationship with the element.

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Your connection with water allows your words to flow with ease, which makes you a very effective communicator. Additionally, it is water that allows you immense comfort on the rocky seas of emotion. As you gain understanding from your emotional experiences, your compassion and intuition grows.

Although most of water's influence can be considered positive, be aware that becoming too fully immersed in your emotions can lead to feelings of moodiness. The Pisces is under the planetary rulership of Neptune and as you were born in the first Decan, or part, of the sign, you actually receive two helpings of Neptune's mysterious power.

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Neptune is the planet of refinement, which explains for your innate sensitivity, compassion and inspiration. Your unique planetary influence makes you the most natural dreamer of all the Pisces Decans. While some may confuse your open heart for naivety, the reality is you are optimistic and trusting.

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Your emotional intuition allows you to be expressive, compassionate, and to support your loved ones with ease, but at times, you may become too personally connected to the emotional burdens of others. In love, find a partner that does not take advantage of your positivity and shares in your value for romanticism. Compassionate and a natural communicator, your natural skills will translate into a variety of career opportunities to explore.