Piscis y capricorn son compatibles

1. They're Extremely Sensitive

A psychic medium works flexible hours which bodes well for Pisces need for an unstructured environment. Free to create visions and impressions, they can use their intuition and imagination to gently guide others to their right path. Pisces love to be around and dispense drugs thanks to their fascination with the properties and qualities of substances and their effect on the human body.

The tough part would be the long, rigorous educational path for a pharmaceutical degree, but worth it in the end. Other professions that fit within this realm include: Scientist, Biologist, Nutritionist.

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The intuitive nature of Pisces lends itself naturally to mixing drinks where they are able to use their creativity and combine unusual flavor profiles and turn them into crowd-pleasing cocktails. The perfect setting would be a bar with live music at the beach or a Tiki bar in the tropics. Pisces is perfectly suited to teaching the foundations of music. In this position they are able to share their love of music, how it inspires them and compels them to learn and practice more.

Other professions that fit within this realm include: Musician, Singer, Composer. Pisces excels at anything that involves a vivid imagination. In film, they can create another world that is highly real but not necessarily capable of existing. And when working on a project of this nature, Pisces can summon the inner resources to create something spectacular. Think of the work of Spielberg or Lucas to understand what they are capable of.

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The unique Pisces vision is brought to life by the camera lens and modern technology has made life even more interesting for this water sign because they can now alter their images digitally. Scorpio : in , you will learn to love yourself before you love anyone else.

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  6. Soy de Aries pero casi ninguna cosa que dicen de ellos me identifica. No solo somos nuestro signo solar.

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    Pueden mandar sus preguntas. Con confianza jajaja. Su presencia se nota por que….

    Aries: Es muy ruidoso. Virgo: es muy amable. Libra: es sexy y tiene lindos modales.

    Capricorn & Aries

    Sagitario: su risa es graciosa, y tiene buen humor.