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On May 17, , Massachusetts became the first U. In the aftermath, we witnessed the civil disobedience of county clerk Kim Davis who has Mercury—Uranus—Pluto opposite Saturn in mid Virgo—Pisces, forming a grand cross with Moon— Mercury in the Raid chart.

The Stonewall Raid and Riots: June 28, ; a. Clifford — all rights reserved. His book Horoscope Snapshots Flare, , is a collection of essays in modern astrology from TMA and other magazines. Skip to content. Sensitive Points in the Stonewall Riot Chart. June 15, Frank Clifford. Share this post. Share on facebook. Share on google. Share on twitter.

About Mercury

Try this yourself, writing your own take, to practice interpreting the daily planets. What is Mars Rx doing in these solar charts, for example? Where will Mercury go retrograde?

You can play with your own solar houses with transits, checking where major events are occurring by house. And guess what? I can relate to home energy AND partnership energy!

Garland, Judy

You can also look at solar versus traditional ascendant charts for natal interpretations. Both give us information but with a different emphasis. Here are two charts of Judy Garland to compare, one done in the Placidus system and the other in the Solar House system. The Solar Chart turns the wheel, but not by much. In her Placidus chart she has Cancer rising and oh boy. We might say that Venus in the first house gave her incredible charm, and the 12th house sun, perhaps, expressed through her times institutionalized … the drug abuse and depression which is of course is only one way a 12th house sun might find to express, but the 12th does represent hospitals and institutions.

Here the sun is in the first house and on stage, people saw her as extremely versatile, flighty, unpredictable. Her Placidus house chart has Cappy ruling the 7th and the Part of Fortune there which might suggest long-term, enduring and committed relationships in business and marriage.

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But the Solar chart tells another story. Where Saggo is in the chart, things expand more than one?

Birth Chart: Judy Garland (Gemini)

In the Placidus chart it occurred in the first house, angular and full of portend of success. Everyone expected her to win. But in her Solar Houses we see it falls in the 2nd of core values and self esteem.

At the time, she was in hospital having just given birth to a son. Perhaps the Solar Chart reflects a different kind of success and purpose. As Jupiter represent expansion, freedom and new horizons, I like to think that Judy Garland found a welcome home.